PackFresh – Corporate Fruit Boxes

Did you know…technically a banana is a berry that grows on a herb?

We didn’t either until we started to look into all the weird and wonderful reasons that fruit is so good for us.

Fresh fruit contains vitamins, minerals and fibres that are so important to our everyday health. Most fruits are also naturally low in fat, sodium, and calories, and as an added bonus, have no recordable cholesterol content.

Yet most Aussie workers only eat around half the recommended quantity of fruit each day. But we’re excited to announce that Packfresh, a new initiative from Cerebral Palsy Alliance, aims to change all that.

How you ask? By providing fresh and delicious boxes of fruit direct to your workplace!

Packfresh is a new initiative from Packforce. Packforce provides supported employment opportunities to people with physical or neurological conditions, including cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury (ABI) and sensory disabilities.

Packfresh corporate fruit boxes will be available in three sizes.

All fruit boxes comes with a mixed selection of seasonal fruits.


40 pieces of mixed fruit $50


60 pieces of mixed fruit $75


80 pieces of mixed fruit $100

Get in touch to find out more

Chat to our team now on 1800 4PACKFRESH, submit the enquiry form or email.

Get in touch to find out more

Chat to our team now on 1800 4PACKFRESH or email.

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